Therapeutic Programs

Primary Treatment For Addictions

At Hacienda del Lago we understand the needs of people with alcoholism and chemical dependency, so we offer education to our patients through individual, group and family therapy.

The intensive family program is a fundamental part of the treatment and was designed to reintegrate the person with the family and society itself, since it increases the understanding and knowledge of the disease. This program provides information on alcoholism, addictions, codependency, family dynamics, communication, recovery and relapse prevention.

Hacienda del Lago involves the individual in the 12-step recovery program and develops an ongoing care plan, which includes patient attendance at a support group of alumni.

Joining this phase is necessary:

  • To be discharged from the ECU with medical authorization.
  • To have been accepted for this type of treatment.
  • Total abstinence from the consumption of any psychoactive substance.