If indicated, they are administered in the Special Care Unit. The medical director of Hacienda del Lago has specialized at our “La Hacienda” facility in Hunt, Texas in addictive, full-time medicine dedicates his practice to providing professional medical support to all Hacienda del Lago patients.

The first stage of treatment lasts approximately 5 days, during which the patient will achieve the following goals:

  • Hospitalization in our Special Care Unit UCE, to initiate physical recovery through abstinence from alcohol and/or other substances. We carry out the clinical history, medical examination, as well as the taking of a complete study of laboratory tests, all this with the purpose of elaborating a comprehensive diagnosis and providing the appropriate detoxification protocol. At the same time, a relaxation process begins, accompanied by a balanced diet and multivitamin supplements, which will allow the recovery of the sensation of physical wellbeing and normal sleep habits. this phase also allows us to familiarize ourselves with the place and the environment, get to know the staff and the companions and have the first contacts with the basis of the treatment.
  • Evaluation through the assignment of a therapist, with whom you have an interview for knowledge of personal history, their current situation and everything related to the use of psychoactive substances.

In all this phase one begins to experience an environment that is designed to structure life, recover self-esteem and inner peace.